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Václav Dejčmar

Ing. Václav Dejčmar

Investor and Philanthropist

Psychedelics have been used since ancient times in many different cultures for treatment of physical and mental ailments. If you wish to widen your perspective and release your creativity, they are an effective tool of self-discovery. I wish that our society re-establishes its pragmatic relationship with these substances and utilizes them in therapy.“

Ing. Ondřej Fryc

Investor and Philanthropist

„Mental health problems and depression are a growing world-wide problem. For decades, it’s been just narrowed down to suppressing symptoms. I believe that there is a huge therapeutic potential in psychedelics, not only for the treatment of depression. In my opinion, it’s crucial to support studies of these substances, so in the future, they can be used safely for our benefit.”

Jakub Nytra

Entrepreneur, investor and Philanthropist

Psychedelics are part of humankind's history. They have been used as a remedy for soul, a tool which helps us see the problem from a different angle, a tool for improvement of one's creativity and an assistance in coping with things we can't change. It's about time for a paradigm shift. Psychedelics - a changed state of consciousness, help move not only individuals but the civilization for the better. I believe that responsible, conscious, humble and legalized approach to these substances is a real game changer for our society.“

Bohdana Tamas

Investor , Philanthropist and globetrotter

„I support psychedelic research because I see its potential not only in treatment of the ongoing mental illness pandemic, but in raising the collective consciousness as well. That is the development which we as humans have no chance of surviving without.”



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