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Psychedelics May Help

One in four people in the world suffers from a mental illness. One third of those are not responding to standard treatments. Thus psychedelics may provide hope to many.

Psychedelic Research

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What Are Psychedelics?

Psychedelics are substances of natural and artificial origin that expand perception, enable self-knowledge and open up a new perspective on reality. In the hands of experts, they can help identify and treat mental conditions and diseases. Due to their influence on the setting of internal values, they can also play an important role in the personal development of the individual.


As an endowment fund, we have the opportunity to effectively assist in the preparation of clinical trials, the procurement of essential equipment and the provision of professional internships and training courses.

„The evolution of humanity is related
to the growth and expansion of consciousness.“

Albert Hofmann

What Are Our Objectives?


We experience everything around us through our senses and brain activity. To understand these processes means to understand oneself and the world around us.


Depression and other mental disorders are all around us. Current treatments are reaching their limits. Let’s try to open up new ways to relieve people’s pain.


Coping with death is one of the most challenging aspects of every individual, psychedelics allow us to reconcile with the impermanence of life.

We Believe in a Scientific Approach

Psychedelics have a reputation as being something forbidden, mystical, magical. Let’s examine them scientifically and determine their effects on human consciousness, experience and perception.

Our Team


MUDr. Tomáš Paleníček, Ph.D. Founder

MUDr. Martin Brunovský, Ph.D. Founder

Prof. MUDr. Jiří Horáček, Ph.D., FCMA, Founder

Executive & PR

Mgr. Vladěna Sobasová Executive director

Bc. Eva Césarová PR & media

Management Board

Ing. Václav Dejčmar Chairman of the management board

Yemi A.D. Member of of the management board

Ing. Ondřej Fryc Member of of the management board

Scientific Board

MUDr. Filip Tylš, Ph.D. Chairman of the scientific board

Ingmar Gorman, Ph.D. Member of the scientific board

Prof. Tania Re Member of the scientific board

Prof. Dr. Jan Ramaekers, Ph.D. Member of the scientific board

doc. Ing. Martin Kuchař, Ph.D. Member of the scientific board


Who Are Our

Lumír Kraina

Frank Zanow CEO / New Business ANT-Neuro

Yemi A.D. Multidisciplinary creator, founder and CEO of JAD Production.

Václav Dejčmar Economist and philanthropist, investor in financial and private equity projects around RSJ, co-owner of the Dox Prague Center for Contemporary Art

Ondřej Fryc Owner of the investment fund Reflex Capital

Jarmila Mucha Plocková Granddaughter of Alfons Mucha, architect, artist



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