PSYRES' Stance On The Polish Couple Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison For Ayahuasca Ceremonies

PSYRES' Stance On The Polish Couple Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison For Ayahuasca Ceremonies

31. 10. 2022

Last week, Polish couple was sentenced for running private ayahuasca ceremonies at their home in the Czech Republic.

"The psychedelic renaissance is responsible for easing regulations on psychedelic plants in some parts of the world, but in the Czech Republic the ceremonial use of ayahuasca is still being prosecuted as a high crime. The couple, Jaroslav and Karolína Kordys, were originally arrested in October 2020. They were taken into custody at their house in Heřmanice near Oder, where they were holding shamanic ceremonies. Since that time they have been facing charges of illegal production and handling of narcotic and psychotropic substances." (read the rest of the article here)

As the PSYRES Foundation, we have been monitoring the situation and collected feedback on the sentence from the scientific community indicating the minimal harmfulness of the DMT substance.
Together with a number of experts from the fields of addiction, psychiatry, psychotherapy and drug policy, we hereby join the criticism of the current setting of the legislative system of the Czech Republic in the case of psychedelic substances and the resulting disproportionate punishments. Legislation is currently based on outdated regulations that psychedelics stating that they are substances without medical use and with an addiction potential. This unsubstantiated information, although implemented in international legislation, is now completely refuted. Our legislation does not reflect scientific data.

With the support of experts, we are appealing for the need for changes in the criminal drug policy in the Czech Republic so that there are no longer inadequate punishments for acts related to psychoactive substances with minimal social harm and victimless acts.

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