iTrip App

The iTrip app – Study your psychedelic experience, its safety/risks, long-term effects and benefits anytime, anywhere, share your experiences

Psychedelics and other psychoactive substances have been, are and will be among us, regardless of whether they are legal or illegal. Despite their growing popularity, it is difficult to assess their effects and safety/risks, as only a minimum amount of information is available from serious scientific studies. Information is often only shared peer-to-peer. Come and help researchers evaluate your psychedelic experiences and their impacts. With your experience, you will contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the effects of various substances, even the least researched, and help to objectively evaluate their acute and long-term effects, their safety and the influence of the context in which they are used. The app, based on the use of research scales, will allow you to evaluate and compare your individual psychedelic experiences and will also allow comparisons to be made with other people’s experiences. In the time after your experience, it will allow you to evaluate the impact of this experience on your mental state, quality of life, mood, and relationship to the outside world. The app is also a tool for the prevention and minimization of risks associated with the use of psychoactive substances. You will also find information and preventive materials on psychoactive substances and a channel sharing the latest scientific research findings.

iTrip – Study your psychedelic experience, its safety/risks and long-term effects and benefits anytime, anywhere, share your experiences

The purpose of the app is to provide valid information on the safety/risks of psychoactive substances in all contexts of use using modern scientific tools. The iTrip app has several key objectives:

  • The first objective is to scientifically evaluate the acute effects of psychoactive substances and their safety/risks.
  • The second objective is to monitor the long-term effects/impacts of the use of these substances and the role of the context in which they are used.
  • The third objective is to disseminate information, both in the context of primary prevention, in other words, brief relevant information about substances and their risks, and as a channel for showing most valuable scientific studies on the theme.

The app aims to collect data on psychedelic experiences in a user-friendly form and present them in a graphical form so that everyone can anonymously compare their experiences with other people’s experiences and the effects of other substances, and assess the risk of their own experience. At the same time, the app provides easy access to “risk assessment” type safety information on virtually all common psychoactive substances. The system also monitors the time since the last use and prompts the user to add longer-term effects associated with their experience. The knowledge of the context in which the experience took place provides opportunities to evaluate the real safety/risks of individual substances in relation to the context of use.

Specific objectives

  • Evaluation of the phenomenology of the effect of psychoactive substances using clearly structured scientific scales
  • Evaluation of the long-term effects of individual psychedelic substances on the internal state of balance and mood of the individual, creativity, resistance to stress and other aspects of an individual’s life
  • Searching for factors on the basis of which long-term effects may be predicted
  • Distribution of risk assessment reports on most psychoactive substances
  • A channel filtering recent professional studies on the theme

Main characteristics of the iTRIP app:

  • Records the experience immediately after the experience, with the possibility of intermittent filling
  • The possibility of repeated recordings of various psychedelic experiences under a single user ID
  • Immediate comparison of experience with other users and own experience in a simple, understandable and interactive graphical form
  • Evaluation of the influence of the context on the nature of the experience
  • Automatic linking of each experience in the form of alerts with scales evaluating the long-term effects
  • An interactive approach to “risk assessment” for individual substances
  • Share your experience with other app users
  • High level of data security and anonymity
  • Compliance with ethical principles – the application has been approved by an ethics committee
  • Availability for both Android and Apple store


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