We Support Czech Psychedelic Research

We Support Czech Psychedelic Research

Support psychedelic research
via donation to our transparent account.

How Can I support?

1.Single donation

via Darujme.cz, PayPal or Bitcoin – an option to donate any financial amount that will be used to support the research!

2.Monthly donation

via Darujme.cz or PayPal you can set up a regular monthly donation and become a regular supporter of research!

3.I want to buy PSYRES merch

you can support us by purchasing some of our merch products in the e-shop (currently under construction)

you can support the research by auctioning the art from artists that support us via the Czech Psychedelic Republic website.

4.Patrons´ Club

if you´d like to become a major donator, email us a request to join the Patrons’ Club. Mebership will provide you with a profile on the website and many other benefits! All you need to do is to mail us your short bio and the amount of the monthly donation you wish to use for the support of the research and we will process your application.


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