Prague premiere of Descending the Mountain

What happens when you give psilocybin to an experienced Zen master ( Vanja Palmers ) ? Neuroscientist Franz Vollenweider and a Zen master conduct a double-blind experiment in the Swiss mountains. Their goal is to explore the nature of consciousness.

This film takes you on a journey of mystical revelations through magic mushrooms and meditations. 
In ‘Descending the Mountain’ psychiatrist Franz Vollenweider and Zen master Vanja Palmers create a ground-breaking scientific experiment located on the majestic Mount Rigi in Switzerland. 
The film shows if and how, when united, psilocybin and meditation might expand our understanding of the nature of consciousness.

Leaving the iconic visuals of the 60’s behind, ‘Descending the Mountain’ uses animation, sound, and A.I. to create a new visual language for the transcendent experience of oneness with nature.

After the movie will follow a discussion with the creators:
Maartje Nevejan (director), Bohdana Tamas (producer), Annette Badenhorst (executive producer).

This event will be in English and Czech. Tickets HERE