Czech Psychedelic Republic

The Czech Psychedelic Republic will offer the general public the current state of the art about the research on psychedelic substances, which is taking place at the National Institute of Mental Health, Czech Republic.

Czech psychedelic research carried out at the National Institute of Mental Health is one of the unique projects in the field of scientific research focused on new approaches in the treatment of mental health. What studies are currently underway? What are the visions for the future? What is the potential of psychedelic assisted therapy? For which patients is it suitable? Not only that was discussed at the Czech Psychedelic Republic charity event, which will take place on 28 September 2020 at the Forest Theater in Řevnice.


The latest findings and current events in the Czech Republic

The Czech Psychedelic Republic is the first event of its kind organized by the Czech Psychedelic Society in order to support current Czech research on psychedelic substances, which takes place at the National Institute of Mental Health with PSYRES – Psychedelic Research Foundation support. Psychedelic research and public awareness of these substances have shifted significantly in recent years. The Czech Psychedelic Republic therefore aims to present current events and opportunities that this area currently offers. “The one-day conference will present four panel blocks, which will first acquaint visitors with the current situation of mental health in the Czech Republic (PhDr. Petr Winkler, PhD), talk about the awareness and mechanisms of development of mental illness (Prof. Jiří Horáček, MD, Ph.D., FCMA) and discuss the necessary steps leading to the introduction of psychedelics into the system of mental health treatment in our country (moderated discussion). This will be followed by a presentation of individual studies approved by the State Office for Drug Control, which are currently under review, and finally we will learn what is the integration of psychedelic experience (Mgr. Michal Petr, Mgr. Michael Vančura) and what integration options are currently available for people with psychedelic experience (Filip Tylš, MD, Phd, Mgr. and Stanislav Milotínský, MD), ”describes the program of the event organizer Eva Césarová from the Czech Psychedelic Society.

This week is very important in terms of psychedelic research in our country – for the first time in the history of modern psychedelic research, psilocybin (an active substance contained in, for example, baldness) is administered to a patient diagnosed with depression resistant to previous treatment at the National Institute of Mental Health. “Before we could take this step, it was necessary to carry out animal research (Mgr. Čestmír Vejmola), which precedes the administration of psychedelics to human subjects. The next phase is the research of the effect in healthy volunteers and only then does it reach out to sick patients in whom other therapeutic approcahes failed, ”explains MUDr. Tomáš Páleníček, Ph.D.

Assisted therapy and a new data collection project

Psychedelics are substances that via altered states of consciousness, deep spiritual experiences and insights, can help a person gain a new perspective and find meaning in a difficult life situation. These include oncological diseases, which fall on every third inhabitant of the Czech Republic. The contribution will be presented by MUDr. Vivian Winkler.

MDMA-assisted psychotherapy has been described by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as a breakthrough treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. The third phase of worldwide clinical research is also taking place in our country (Mgr. Michaela Viktorinová, MSc.). The immediate but short-term antidepressant effect of ketamine makes it an effective tool for immediate intervention in severely depressed patients resistant to other forms of treatment (Veronika Andrashko, MD). “Even the psychoactive drink Ayahuasca used in the traditional cultures of the South American Indians has gained our attention. At the event, we will acquaint visitors with the progress of the Neuron Expedition, which in the past received the support of the Neuron Foundation, ”adds MUDr. Filip Tylš. Data collection belongs to the inseparable phases of psychedelic research. The more data, the more understanding, statistics, and outputs. Modern times have brought innovative solutions. The iTrip project will be presented for the first time at the conference, the aim of which is to be at hand for all those who, despite the current legal settings, decide to undergo psychedelic experience and anonymously collect data that can then be used for research purposes. The application will also offer a wide range of information, contacts for experts, as well as the possibility of sharing your own experience with friends (Filip Tylš, MD & Vojtěch Viktorin, MD).

Benefit auctions and programs for children

An important opportunity to support psychedelic research is the charity auction of paintings by Czech artists who created their art directly for this event: Léna Brauner, Otto Placht, Lenka Jirková Táborská, Daniel Vlček, Jan Pražan, Martina Jirková, Vesna Fromadream, Lukáš Hladík and Johana Vlčková. The author’s graphics were donated to the charity auction by Miroslav Hauptych. “Children (from the age of 6) will also enjoy themselves on the spot, for whom a program has been prepared, which will take place in a yurt in the woods. Children will be able to try playful mindfulness, participate in a voice and music workshop, or make a dream catcher and finally join in the woods. In addition to lectures, visitors can look forward to evening concerts by musicians OMNION, Ujrum Bujrum and Karel Valenta, vegan refreshments, art decorations, AV installations, fire shows, performances, and oases of relaxation in a forest environment that encourages coexistence, ”concludes Eva Césarová.

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